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Moscow tour on the 12th of July (updated 29.6.2010)

The tour on 12 th July consists of 2 programs ant it takes the whole day long.

It starts fromsuburbs Atlas hotel (2 hours distance to the city river pier), then it goes river trip which takes1.5 hours where the tourist guide accompanying can see the general Moscow sights from the river.

Thebus or two onesawaiting the tourists deliver one of the group to the City Kremlin Excursion where the tourist group (program 2) has the lunch in one restaurant near by and then it goes go to the Red Square and to the Kremlin territory and to some of its museum.

The tour includes lunch, entrance tickets on the territory Kremlin and museum, transport and guided services.

Another group (program 1) after river trip goes to the Folk museum - vodka show,lunch, folk museum, as you like the tourist can buy souvenirs.

The second variant tour also includes lunch, vodka show, transport and guided services.

Then the groups return to the hotel (appr. 18 30).

Please choose any variants of the program, send your offer to Stas Stegalin +7 495933 78 78 (ext 118) or mobile +7917579 00 72, ssi@msk.welt.ru

    Program 1. List of participants
    Program 2. List of participants
  1. Stavros Tsiakkouris
  2. Thompson Randall
  3. Thompson Andrew
  4. Hurlbut Christopher Keith
  5. Hurlbut Melissa Marie
  6. Kimmel Corliss Ann
  7. Ignotas Andrius
  8. Kurlianskas Nerijus
  9. Kurlianskiene Egle
  10. Ignotas Jurgis Ignas
  11. Luoma-aho Pasi Juhani
  12. Hakola Lilja Elli
  13. Lawley Dave
  14. Mastilovic Ivan
  15. Wilson Robert Aaron
  16. Lekic Nick
  17. Soro Roberto Bartolomeo Pio
  18. De Mari Carlo
  19. Langkopf Heinrich
  20. Pascal Rapharin
  21. Martins Rafael Oliveira
  22. Moreira Silva Luciano
  23. Saget Jacques Michel Hubert
  24. Zeimen ep. Saget Brigitte Catherine
  25. Klier Wolfgang
  26. Och Bernd
  27. Panagiotou Viktoria
  28. Hrnko Rastislav
  29. Kontas Veijo Lauri Henrik
  30. Cooper Stewart
  31. Cook Andy
  32. Dobrocky Ivan
  33. Dobrocka Marta
  34. Dobrocka Petra
  35. Nicolaou Marios
  36. Sawkins Leslie Gene
  37. Ireland Melissa M
  38. Jansen Christian
  39. Baumgaertner Anja
  40. Precisvalle Flavio
  41. Brioschi Stefano
  42. Crovelli John
  43. Langdon Elaine
  44. Aliprandi Luca
  45. Lang Josef
  46. Laulhe Nathalie Christine
  47. Smith Kevin Stewart
  48. Smith Julie
  49. Ritzko Votech
  50. Epps Charles King
  51. Vinci William Michael
  52. Tranos George
  53. Donziger Alan
  54. Langer Bernd
  55. Bajuk Robert
  56. Tine Brajnik
  57. Tavan Richard
  58. Evans Robert Raymond
  59. Evans Joyce Elaine
  60. Stradiotto Paolo
  61. Mendez Reinaldo
  62. Schmidt Gary R.
  63. Schmidt Leslie Lee

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Moscow region government
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