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Moscow, Russia
June 29, 2010

Press release # 29
WRTC-2010 ONLINE entertainment

Dear friends,

To make the WRTC competition much more interesting from a spectators point of view and to get the contesting community more involved in the WRTC race, we are introducing an ONLINE scoring system which you can monitor on your computers during the WRTC-2010 contest / IARU HF Championship on July 10-11, 2010.

All teams will have special hardware at their locations which will send scores from their computers every 5 minutes to the ONLINE scoring system.

All the on-site referees also will be using SMS messages for back-up information, so in case of any failure we can use this information as well.

Please visit www.wrtc2010.ru/online during the contest and enjoy watching the real WRTC battle. We are also offering you an opportunity to watch real time video from the WRTC-2010 opening ceremony, location and call drawings, competitors meeting, and closing ceremony at www.wrtc2010.ru/video. Our photo team will also be loading pictures to the www.wrtc2010.ru/photos page every few hours to keep you updated with faces and smiles. Don't forget to call WRTC competitors during the contest and send your logs to by 18:00 UTC on Sunday July 11, 2010. You can upload logs to www.wrtc2010.ru/upload as well.

WRTC-2010 organizing committee

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Moscow region government
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